Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A moment of pure bliss in Ibiza

Club Eden is next to Es Paradise which is really all a bit poetic.

I should hate Eden but I love it the way you love that scruffy old dog, with one eye and a limp, but that dog will lick your face off and curl up on your feet and come running if it thinks you're in trouble... Sounds weird I know but thats Eden... if it were a dog.

Heres the lowdown, its small, usually packed and a bit simple by ibiza standards, but its intimate, the people are really into the music and the sound is great. Plus it has a few surprises up its sleeve sure to blow you away, I'll go into that later. Last time I went they had great lasers on both ends of the club and the DJ is right there in the thick of it all.

It looks a bit like an old pool (there are drains in the floor, more on this later) with no water (yet), theres even a deep end! The far end of the club drops down a few feet with a ledge/balcony running around the outside thats great for hanging back and taking it all in as the place goes crazy.

SO flash forward to one very special night... a night when it all came together in an exploding crescendo of light, music and water. In that brief but impossibly wonder filled moment I reach some odd level of enlightenment.

DJ Judge Jules was spinning and I was dancing with new found friends in the swelteringly hot, tightly packed lower section of the club when the music started to build up louder than it had the whole night. Right at the peak, with no other warning, huge perfect circular sheets of glistening water cascaded down like glass curtains all around us in patterns that flowed around the room with the music. Everyone just went absolutely insane. The whole place was jumping up and down in waves (like a sea of people moving as one) with the music and the water exploding all around us I looked up and in a moment of sheer joy let go of my friends, raised my arms up with hands open to catch the water and just as the water bounced off my hand in a spray both a red laser and a green laser hit the water in the palm of my hand sending an unimaginable shower of light, color, and beauty in all directions... and at that moment, right at that moment, I got it. Everything made sense. All of it. I knew who I was, I was aware of my potential and of everything around me and most importantly I appreciated how fortunate I was to be there, and to be alive. Flying around the world to a place I had never been and didn't know anything about, just because I had heard a mp3 file of someone play music there that effected me... It was not frivolous, it was not impulsive, it was NECESSARY. To pursue and cherish the things you love to illogical extremes is what makes us human and usually when we feel most alive...

...And then FOAM starts shooting out of the ceiling in a shower of what looks like big snowflake balls landing on, and coating, everyone in flavorless white bubbles. Everyone is soaked but warm, singing together kicking and throwing the foam which is now forming piles on peoples heads and shoulders. The foam just starts pouring out of the ceiling now a waterfall of bubbles quickly rising past our waist. Its seems like it should be hard to move through but it gives no resistance and its as if it wasn't even there. The foam keeps rising and rising, over shorter peoples heads but everyone just keeps dancing and I soon realize its all no worries, you can even breath the stuff apparently. Covered in the blanket of clean white I quickly realize not everyone is dancing and some couples are taking advantage of the cover. I had lost track of everyone and realized I wouldn't be able to find anything anytime soon when the water rained down again this time in a spray of fat droplets rinsing away the foam leaving being a lot of very tired (it was now 8am), very wet, and very happy people.

This is the song that was playing, I mention it because its important and I'll never forget it:

Lost Witness Lyrics

Happiness Happening Lyrics

Everything will be perfect
Tonight and forever
Light shine off, light shine on
Making our faces many colours
Everyone is moving
Like waves make an ocean on and on
Everybody's singing
Yes! This is happiness is happening

Everything will be perfect
Everything will be perfect
Everything will be perfect
Tonight and for ever

Everything will be perfect, tonight...

-Pjo (A.K.A Peter Ochabski)