Friday, August 1, 2008

More trance lyrics for ya - Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa - Wall Of Sound

On "heavy rotation" here:

He said
I am the worldly wise
Just look into my eyes
And wish for anything

And so she held his gaze
And fell into his maze
And saw that world around
Was just a wall of sound

I bet it's all around
See it trough his eyes
I can touch the wall of sound
And feel
I bet it's all around
See it trough his eyes
I can touch the wall of sound
And feel...awake

She felt the warms descent
Her life was start to end
A magic energy

No longer half alive
Emerged and mesmerized
The perfect vision found
Inside the wall of sound

I bet it's all around
See it trough his eyes
I can touch the wall of sound
And feel
I bet it's all around
See it trough his eyes
I can touch the wall of sound
And feel...awake

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

rave clothing is brilliantly random

I cant think of anything that makes you stand out and blend in more than what you choose to wear at a rave, party, or club.

I think dance culture gives people more freedom then most. Where else can you find the dizzying array of textures, styles, and colors? From giant furry platform boots to shiny black vinyl and neon day-glow UV bright candy colored madness? Tho hopefully not all on the same person... no wait, that would be fucking fantastic!

Few other sub/counter-cultures welcome everyone so warmly as well. Doesnt seem to matter much at all if your Asian, European, African, or Indian 99% of the time everyone is just stoked to be having such a good time with so many people whether they've known them forever or they've just met. Sure the "environment" helps but even before the partying beings people bring their cool clothes, their light toys and lots of good attitude and friendly vibes.

I used to get confused... People who haven't been properly introduced or heard more then one or two songs thing most electronic music sounds the same. But when you take even a glancing look at the crazy variety or styles, rhythms, instruments, samples, genres, ages, and influences your sure to be blown away. From trip hop and happy hardcore, to deep house, progressive trance, jungle, grindcore, ambient, industrial, and dozens if not hundreds more theres something out there sure o please everyone.

Most people seem to specialize in one style or another but everyone gets sooner or later.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A brief introduction to... me: a part-time raver, traveler (ibiza!), and lover of trance/electronic (among others) music.

A little bit about a part-time raver, traveler (ibiza!), and lover of trance/electronic (among others) music.

Name: Pjo, Pete, Peter, and Piotr (if you speak Polish!)

Age:31? yea! I'm still around! I'm regressing tho, each year past 25 I get a little sillier, dance crazier, and buy more toys...

Gender: male

Location: mostly san diego, sometimes ibiza, sometimes burningman

Interests: life, music, art, surfing, toys, glowsticking/poi/juggling, drawing, painting, traveling, photography, live music, nature, the moon, dragons... this will take too long, just ask me.

Publish Postvorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, ALL MAGAZINE i love them. Lonely planet, Earth, Vegas, mst3k, anything about treasure hunting

Musical Interest: EVERYTHING. but right now its The Birthday Massacre, Armin Van buuren, gabriel & dresden, The Police, Sasha, and Oakenfold.

Goal in the next 5 years: To build up our rave and gothic subculture clothing and toy store

Goal in the next 20 years: Retire in ibiza and run a little bar/club in the old part of ibiza town on bar alley.

What turns you on about the opposite sex: style, skill, brains, and dedication

If i had a million dollars I would: Buy a bar in ibiza.

I am good at: anything I dedicate myself to and work super hard at

School (if applicable): tried it once, didnt like it and left... went back recently to learn art and international business!

Work (if applicable): I avoid it whenever possible, theres too much life going on... o wait that was my old answer I WAS a designer and photographer check out my old life at lots of travel photos and pretty art. NOW I work on 24/7 with the love of my life! Stop by and say hello!

I am on because: I wanna get better at glowsticking duh, I'm stuck I cant get past the figure 8 :P Oh and I wanna get people to check out my site :)

My website/pictures are located: and umm.. and ... and (illustrated childrens stories)

Describe yourself: Laid back yet crazy professional experiencer.

What do you do for fun? Everything fun!

Random fact about yourself: My eyes change colors, its weird.

What you did last weekend: worked through the night!

What yo do when you go out: get dressed up and party my ass off!

Are you in a relationship? Yup, a great one.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A moment of pure bliss in Ibiza

Club Eden is next to Es Paradise which is really all a bit poetic.

I should hate Eden but I love it the way you love that scruffy old dog, with one eye and a limp, but that dog will lick your face off and curl up on your feet and come running if it thinks you're in trouble... Sounds weird I know but thats Eden... if it were a dog.

Heres the lowdown, its small, usually packed and a bit simple by ibiza standards, but its intimate, the people are really into the music and the sound is great. Plus it has a few surprises up its sleeve sure to blow you away, I'll go into that later. Last time I went they had great lasers on both ends of the club and the DJ is right there in the thick of it all.

It looks a bit like an old pool (there are drains in the floor, more on this later) with no water (yet), theres even a deep end! The far end of the club drops down a few feet with a ledge/balcony running around the outside thats great for hanging back and taking it all in as the place goes crazy.

SO flash forward to one very special night... a night when it all came together in an exploding crescendo of light, music and water. In that brief but impossibly wonder filled moment I reach some odd level of enlightenment.

DJ Judge Jules was spinning and I was dancing with new found friends in the swelteringly hot, tightly packed lower section of the club when the music started to build up louder than it had the whole night. Right at the peak, with no other warning, huge perfect circular sheets of glistening water cascaded down like glass curtains all around us in patterns that flowed around the room with the music. Everyone just went absolutely insane. The whole place was jumping up and down in waves (like a sea of people moving as one) with the music and the water exploding all around us I looked up and in a moment of sheer joy let go of my friends, raised my arms up with hands open to catch the water and just as the water bounced off my hand in a spray both a red laser and a green laser hit the water in the palm of my hand sending an unimaginable shower of light, color, and beauty in all directions... and at that moment, right at that moment, I got it. Everything made sense. All of it. I knew who I was, I was aware of my potential and of everything around me and most importantly I appreciated how fortunate I was to be there, and to be alive. Flying around the world to a place I had never been and didn't know anything about, just because I had heard a mp3 file of someone play music there that effected me... It was not frivolous, it was not impulsive, it was NECESSARY. To pursue and cherish the things you love to illogical extremes is what makes us human and usually when we feel most alive...

...And then FOAM starts shooting out of the ceiling in a shower of what looks like big snowflake balls landing on, and coating, everyone in flavorless white bubbles. Everyone is soaked but warm, singing together kicking and throwing the foam which is now forming piles on peoples heads and shoulders. The foam just starts pouring out of the ceiling now a waterfall of bubbles quickly rising past our waist. Its seems like it should be hard to move through but it gives no resistance and its as if it wasn't even there. The foam keeps rising and rising, over shorter peoples heads but everyone just keeps dancing and I soon realize its all no worries, you can even breath the stuff apparently. Covered in the blanket of clean white I quickly realize not everyone is dancing and some couples are taking advantage of the cover. I had lost track of everyone and realized I wouldn't be able to find anything anytime soon when the water rained down again this time in a spray of fat droplets rinsing away the foam leaving being a lot of very tired (it was now 8am), very wet, and very happy people.

This is the song that was playing, I mention it because its important and I'll never forget it:

Lost Witness Lyrics

Happiness Happening Lyrics

Everything will be perfect
Tonight and forever
Light shine off, light shine on
Making our faces many colours
Everyone is moving
Like waves make an ocean on and on
Everybody's singing
Yes! This is happiness is happening

Everything will be perfect
Everything will be perfect
Everything will be perfect
Tonight and for ever

Everything will be perfect, tonight...

-Pjo (A.K.A Peter Ochabski)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

NOFX and why they kick ass... dark punkrock gear.

NOFX and why they kick ass...

It all went down at the World Beat Center (or was it Soma?) in San Diego...HOW I got into this show is... another story.

Once the show was in full swing people started climbing these two huge speaker stacks/towers that were a good 10 feet high and diving off into the solid mass of people packed super tight on either side of the pit which was now thick with people throwing elbows and bodies in all directions.

People were climbing the stacks like monkeys... At one point there was a pile of people (who failed to land on someone who could catch them) next to one of the speaker stacks and a guy who was about to dive off paused, flailed, and lost his balance...

...he tipped backwards then forward windmilling his arms and started to fall... he plummeted forward his hand tipped one of the 3 foot long fluorescent lightbulb/tube and knocked it loose! He fell, then it fell - in slow motion I swear - and the long white glass tube landed with a loud crunching, bursting *POP* right onto the lead singers microphone sending glass flying and wicked feedback through the speakers. ALL the madness STOPPED. You could hear a pin drop. All heads looked to the lead singer as he stumbled back for a second, paused, and said "can you guys hear that?" as he munched and ground his jaws together... "thats glass!" he says and without another second, as if this was something he had been hoping for, starts belting out the rest of song with the whole band zealously playing with even more fury behind him. The place just went absolutely mental, every person there just went nuts, for hours, giant grins on everyones sweaty faces.
rave clothes and toys plus a new community!

Burningman tips! Get crazy clothes and costumes!

My survival tips for burning-man first timers! (A.K.A. virgins!)

First off, don't try to know too much!! Just go there and experience it without expectations and preconceived notions. Would you go to a movie and ask how it ends before ya got there would you?

Stuff your gonna need (just trust me :-D):

* goggles (snowboard goggles are my fav)

* Face mask or bandana (something to filter air/breath through)

* CRAZY BYCICLE!!!!!!!!!!!the wilder and more colorful and crazier the better, get fat tires, no 10 speeds :P

* A big drinking cup with a tether (to tie to your bike or .. self) to hold your booze and/or whatever else generous strangers give you to drink (dont bring disposable crap!)

* lots of cool little things to give away and trade with other cool people that have cool little things to give you.

* An adventurous and friendly attitude as well as lots of curiosity, generosity, and the courage to contribute to all the absolutely mind blowing things you'll encounter.

* LOTS of stuff to drink, water, juice, spicy v8s, and whatever other liquid libation suits you.

* crazy clothes. No I mean REALLY crazy... like a mirrored elvis costume with pom poms and a rainbow afro wig while on stilts and sparklers stuck... well you get the picture. wear all the stuff you've always wanted too but normal society wont let you.

more to come!
rave clothes and toys plus a new community!

Pure glowing magic and lights in the coolest place on earth... ibiza...

Pure magic in the coolest place on earth... ibiza...

I'll never forget it, this was the place, this was the moment when it all come together when all life made sense.

I can hear the song in my head, see the lights and the lasers flashing across my hands and arms as I stretched them out as high as I could, feeling the bass saturating my body with energy and ...
rave clothes and toys plus a new community!

San Antonio's got all kinds of vomit! Hide in sunglasses >.<

San Antonio's got all kinds of vomit!

Liquor and vomit are the foundation of San Antonio and believe it or not I mean that in a good way. Where else can you find a replica of (in street layout anyway) of London packed solid with beaches, drunken madness, clubs, souvenir shops, and get your ass sling-shot into the sky and then your intestines scrambled on "The Vominator" AFTER you've spend the night (and mornin) at Es Paradise, and Eden?

Its 95% sunburned and friendly English hellraisers passed out on the beaches and streets of this affordable town.

TWO things ya cant miss are the sunsets and the SUNSETS. World class DJs spinning for free on the rocky beaches as yachts and boats bob in the water expectantly...Fire juggles and poi pro's do their thing to help the sun set in a blaze of fire and heat while everyone explodes in applause as the sun dissapears... pure beautiful magic... every day... for 3 months straight...
rave clothes and toys plus a new community!

mini-raves parties and parades in old ibiza town

old ibiza town for the nice stuff...

In old ibiza town you'll find great food, quality artisans selling all kinds of cool things and Bar Alley... Bar alley has 160 bars in a single alley that weaves its way about a mile through the town. The old stones are worn and have seen over a thousand years of artists and travelers pass by them.

Oh yea and the clubs have "parades" of scantily and scarily and decadently dressed performers and club dancers that wander the streets trying to entice people to come to whatever night/club/party they are trying to promote!

Everything costs more here then say San Antonio but its a lot nicer too... plus theres a Ducati dealership and believe it or not a custom Harley shop.

You'll find more diversity and more Spanish people here too.

rave clothes and toys plus a new community!


About an entire local music industry that's rarely heard from, briefly navigated by a remote being that coalesces, rarely, around music scenes and their absurd atrocities; published by "The Stranger" weekly newspaper of Seattle, WA.

Sonny Chelf is the orneriest house party producer I know who hails from Tacoma. In fact, he's the only such producer I know from Tacoma. Most of those kind of guys hang about the Seattle area, drifting back and forth in their musical skeins and ongoing search for monetary angles.

Jason Alley's from Issaquah. They both operate forklifts in warehouses for their real livings. And I met them over coffee awhile ago at Starbucks on Broadway for a happy, peppy interview with two of the greater Seattle area's own warehouse party producers.

Sonny, casual, relaxed and vivacious, wore "Portuguese" golden earrings; Jason, soft-spoken and shy, wore a diamond-blue ball cap over his sweet blue eyes and blond hair. Sonny is fair and Black, but doesn't sound that way until you press him, and then a trickle of southern Blacklish begins to filter in, conversationally speaking.

How long have you been involved in the warehouse game, I suddenly ask.

Sonny: The first part of this took place in 1981. That was in Germany. Parties in Germany used more hype. Parties here seem to be more about money and competition.

Jason: I joined TUF Productions for the last party. I joined with another party than ours…some producers have a different agenda than others…(indicating Sonny, giggling.)

What is your agenda? I asked the cute black dude.

Sonny: First we sit there and have a headache. Nah, usually I like to find a space first. That's kind of a last minute thing you have to do.

Jason: There's been a lot of problems with the city. The city is pushing hard to shut the shows down.

Sonny: There was a battle over permits being in order.

Jason: The city would threaten to take the house over.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: The city would intimate that a party would be through. The owners of the building would refuse to rent to those who produced shows, for fear their properties would have police action taken against them.

These statements led to general murmurings amongst us.

So, whatever is your "agenda" now, I softly inquired.

Sonny: (About) the agenda? Line up the DJs!!! They come from everywhere, basically. When we produce a flyer, we try to promote it (the party) day in and day out. During that time, we finish producing the rest of the show. Lights, sound, security, permits, "etcetera." And then it's showtime! I like to get in a building at noon, but it never happens. Just to fine-tune the building! (He laughed, sliding slowly backwards in his seat.)

Jason: If we have decorations, some people put up fences. (I never found out what "fences" are.) It needs all completed. The sound system usually arrives in the middle of things.

We joked around about the house movement…."Yeah, the houses are moving!!!" as I'm not much of a raver m'self, yet. The joints do indeed jump.

What message to others, anyway, do you guys have to impart?

Jason: Positive energy.

Sonny: Peace, love, joining one another together. But after the party comes the teardown. I hate it, but it has to be done.

I asked Sonny if that's his real name. Yes, it is. He was wearing a hunting cap, Polynesian earrings, and he vaguely resembled a certain letter of the alphabet due to his glasses.

Jason's blue ball cap was fastidiously reversed. Two more either-bread and mayonnaise guys could not be found, but they were definitely having to skirt the law.

I finally found out what happened last spring, which had been the current House Party Mystery Scenario.

Sonny: A dividing of the whole scene here occurred. There were occurrences of two parties being thrown on the same night. Something had to stop. Seattle's not that big. It's not that good here, we need more party room. Evolution (back in October, and partially run by a close relative of mine named Joachim, incidentally) just had 1500 people. It was over 15, really.

Jason: We had over 1200. But Seattle is not really a good indicator. In LA (what doesn't begin, end, and stall out in LA?) they have BIG huge parties, with a couple hundred thousand people, easily.

A couple…what? I stupifiedly intoned, slurping my Starbucks. That couldn't be real, I thought, they'd need a football stadium…which they have, somewhere.

I dreamed to myself, the party interview vortex has been reentered. I've been being told that everyone and no one ever interviews these warehouse party guys. Now I see why. No one ever believes them when they talk about the party sizes.

Sonny then said he begged in on things with Jason through a mutual friend of theirs named Tim. On Tim, Sonny said, "we've talked to Tim. How're you?" This, referring to my earlier interview more on the Seattle end of things, with Joachim. Tim, there, is not a part of the company anymore. I guess that's the party vortex for you.

Sonny next managed to imitate the world's blandest, meekest expression, which was already on Jason's wan, pink face.

Jason: All I have to say is we hope people keep supporting the shows.

Sonny: I'm the quiet person of all this. I like to come in like the wind and leave…like…the wind….

Jason: I like to be around the people. I like to be around the friends. (I always got the impression this is a tightly-knit, hard-to-enter crowd. But I asked them about making a living at it.)

Sonny: I like to be around this for the money. If I didn't do this for the money, I wouldn't do it.

It feels like I've learned, after several interviews with Seattle/Tacoma's warehouse partying folks, that there's no money in this, really. Off the last shows, they don't seem to have made a dime.

PeaceFrog's Civilization party in November barely broke even, in fact losing at least $200. One of the PeaceFrog producers told me only about half the people coming in even paid. I don't think Joachim got his cut at all. But their group is still plugging away at making the lively, eventful, and appreciably loud parties continue to happen.

Sonny said, the way I feel…it might make the WRONG money…(I think he meant the probably drug revenues from hangers-on selling at the parties.) Me, I broke in with: But, what if you were, say, normal?

Jason: Good point.

Sonny: What if everybody else was like what's on the street, already there. (Recall that Sonny's Black, please.) You're gonna get 'em "thowed in jay-al." I've done two (parties) in Tacoma (an infamously Black establishment, in some ways.) There's a problem with that. Seattle people don't travel. The Dome is too commercial. This isn't…a commercial event...that I do.

Go to shows, Sonny said. I have a real job. I work, in a warehouse, driving forklifts. I'm a laborer. Saturday nights are my date. That's the party date. (He pretty much implied this is his social life. I am forced to think both Sonny and Jason are house-devoted, maximally.)

After this pleasant, caring interview time was spent, one happy writer left those two fine, unrude, music-bestrewed dudes to hit their next appointment in town. The memory lingers, but the music is fortunately elsewhere, waiting for the next party to begin. From the sound of things, I would suggest checking out LA, if I were you.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

rave clothes MUST be comfortable

Preferably something that breaths like cotton, silk, or some other natural fiber but those cost money. Look for something loose, comfortable and sylish. But comfort is all that really matters or will matter to you, at the end of the night.

rave clothes and toys plus a new community!