Saturday, June 7, 2008

A brief introduction to... me: a part-time raver, traveler (ibiza!), and lover of trance/electronic (among others) music.

A little bit about a part-time raver, traveler (ibiza!), and lover of trance/electronic (among others) music.

Name: Pjo, Pete, Peter, and Piotr (if you speak Polish!)

Age:31? yea! I'm still around! I'm regressing tho, each year past 25 I get a little sillier, dance crazier, and buy more toys...

Gender: male

Location: mostly san diego, sometimes ibiza, sometimes burningman

Interests: life, music, art, surfing, toys, glowsticking/poi/juggling, drawing, painting, traveling, photography, live music, nature, the moon, dragons... this will take too long, just ask me.

Publish Postvorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, ALL MAGAZINE i love them. Lonely planet, Earth, Vegas, mst3k, anything about treasure hunting

Musical Interest: EVERYTHING. but right now its The Birthday Massacre, Armin Van buuren, gabriel & dresden, The Police, Sasha, and Oakenfold.

Goal in the next 5 years: To build up our rave and gothic subculture clothing and toy store

Goal in the next 20 years: Retire in ibiza and run a little bar/club in the old part of ibiza town on bar alley.

What turns you on about the opposite sex: style, skill, brains, and dedication

If i had a million dollars I would: Buy a bar in ibiza.

I am good at: anything I dedicate myself to and work super hard at

School (if applicable): tried it once, didnt like it and left... went back recently to learn art and international business!

Work (if applicable): I avoid it whenever possible, theres too much life going on... o wait that was my old answer I WAS a designer and photographer check out my old life at lots of travel photos and pretty art. NOW I work on 24/7 with the love of my life! Stop by and say hello!

I am on because: I wanna get better at glowsticking duh, I'm stuck I cant get past the figure 8 :P Oh and I wanna get people to check out my site :)

My website/pictures are located: and umm.. and ... and (illustrated childrens stories)

Describe yourself: Laid back yet crazy professional experiencer.

What do you do for fun? Everything fun!

Random fact about yourself: My eyes change colors, its weird.

What you did last weekend: worked through the night!

What yo do when you go out: get dressed up and party my ass off!

Are you in a relationship? Yup, a great one.

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SinlessTouch said...

very nice! i hope you would reach all your goals like the store of stylish and sexy costumes and toys. I hope i get a free invite when your club in ibiza is blazing :)