Tuesday, June 24, 2008

rave clothing is brilliantly random

I cant think of anything that makes you stand out and blend in more than what you choose to wear at a rave, party, or club.

I think dance culture gives people more freedom then most. Where else can you find the dizzying array of textures, styles, and colors? From giant furry platform boots to shiny black vinyl and neon day-glow UV bright candy colored madness? Tho hopefully not all on the same person... no wait, that would be fucking fantastic!

Few other sub/counter-cultures welcome everyone so warmly as well. Doesnt seem to matter much at all if your Asian, European, African, or Indian 99% of the time everyone is just stoked to be having such a good time with so many people whether they've known them forever or they've just met. Sure the "environment" helps but even before the partying beings people bring their cool clothes, their light toys and lots of good attitude and friendly vibes.

I used to get confused... People who haven't been properly introduced or heard more then one or two songs thing most electronic music sounds the same. But when you take even a glancing look at the crazy variety or styles, rhythms, instruments, samples, genres, ages, and influences your sure to be blown away. From trip hop and happy hardcore, to deep house, progressive trance, jungle, grindcore, ambient, industrial, and dozens if not hundreds more theres something out there sure o please everyone.

Most people seem to specialize in one style or another but everyone gets sooner or later.

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