Saturday, February 16, 2008

mini-raves parties and parades in old ibiza town

old ibiza town for the nice stuff...

In old ibiza town you'll find great food, quality artisans selling all kinds of cool things and Bar Alley... Bar alley has 160 bars in a single alley that weaves its way about a mile through the town. The old stones are worn and have seen over a thousand years of artists and travelers pass by them.

Oh yea and the clubs have "parades" of scantily and scarily and decadently dressed performers and club dancers that wander the streets trying to entice people to come to whatever night/club/party they are trying to promote!

Everything costs more here then say San Antonio but its a lot nicer too... plus theres a Ducati dealership and believe it or not a custom Harley shop.

You'll find more diversity and more Spanish people here too.

rave clothes and toys plus a new community!

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