Saturday, February 16, 2008

San Antonio's got all kinds of vomit! Hide in sunglasses >.<

San Antonio's got all kinds of vomit!

Liquor and vomit are the foundation of San Antonio and believe it or not I mean that in a good way. Where else can you find a replica of (in street layout anyway) of London packed solid with beaches, drunken madness, clubs, souvenir shops, and get your ass sling-shot into the sky and then your intestines scrambled on "The Vominator" AFTER you've spend the night (and mornin) at Es Paradise, and Eden?

Its 95% sunburned and friendly English hellraisers passed out on the beaches and streets of this affordable town.

TWO things ya cant miss are the sunsets and the SUNSETS. World class DJs spinning for free on the rocky beaches as yachts and boats bob in the water expectantly...Fire juggles and poi pro's do their thing to help the sun set in a blaze of fire and heat while everyone explodes in applause as the sun dissapears... pure beautiful magic... every day... for 3 months straight...
rave clothes and toys plus a new community!

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