Saturday, February 16, 2008

NOFX and why they kick ass... dark punkrock gear.

NOFX and why they kick ass...

It all went down at the World Beat Center (or was it Soma?) in San Diego...HOW I got into this show is... another story.

Once the show was in full swing people started climbing these two huge speaker stacks/towers that were a good 10 feet high and diving off into the solid mass of people packed super tight on either side of the pit which was now thick with people throwing elbows and bodies in all directions.

People were climbing the stacks like monkeys... At one point there was a pile of people (who failed to land on someone who could catch them) next to one of the speaker stacks and a guy who was about to dive off paused, flailed, and lost his balance...

...he tipped backwards then forward windmilling his arms and started to fall... he plummeted forward his hand tipped one of the 3 foot long fluorescent lightbulb/tube and knocked it loose! He fell, then it fell - in slow motion I swear - and the long white glass tube landed with a loud crunching, bursting *POP* right onto the lead singers microphone sending glass flying and wicked feedback through the speakers. ALL the madness STOPPED. You could hear a pin drop. All heads looked to the lead singer as he stumbled back for a second, paused, and said "can you guys hear that?" as he munched and ground his jaws together... "thats glass!" he says and without another second, as if this was something he had been hoping for, starts belting out the rest of song with the whole band zealously playing with even more fury behind him. The place just went absolutely mental, every person there just went nuts, for hours, giant grins on everyones sweaty faces.
rave clothes and toys plus a new community!

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